Consumer Electronics

MFS Consumer Electronics Distribution Division

MFS further expanded our service portfolio in 2006 with the introduction of our Consumer Electronics Distribution Division. The Division was formed as a result of market surveys both within Ireland and the UK, which identified a number of manufacturers with a requirement to have white/brown goods handled and delivered to their Irish client base intact and on time with particular emphasis on security of merchandise within the transit process at a competitive price.

UK Manufacturers Make The Move To MFS

Within a short period of time a number of UK based distributors had placed their Irish Distribution business with MFS. The initial first contract period was extended after 12 months and we now have long term commitments from various suppliers. Our personnel are completely ‘in tune’ with each and every client’s individual requirements which is filtered right down from Management level to our people at the ‘coal face’ of the distribution process.

Returns and Reverse Logistics

Products to be returned for whatever reason are handled by the MFS returns division. The reverse inventory flow and itemisation of returned product is processed in accordance with our customer’s instructions.  MFS has extensive experience in managing reverse logistics operations. With our infrastructure already in place for the distribution of the delivered product returns are easily catered for. MFS is able to maximize the value of return product and provide full reporting and visibility to our clients.

Products received are graded using the agreed customer processes.

We can then arrange:

  • Environmental disposal
  • Repair
  • Refurbish
  • Repackage
  • Re-calibrate
  • Ensure data protection compliance
  • Arrange return to source

We can identify if the product has no fault found or is beyond economic repair, our process ensures the correct channel for handling the items is chosen. This avoids adding cost while saving the customer time.

More Than Goods Transportation
Our commitment to every client irrespective of which MFS Division they use is to provide a simple distribution solution. We remain extremely focused on providing a level of service that secures long term commitments from customers. Whilst the movement of merchandise from point A to point B in a secure and timely fashion is paramount, we also firmly believe that the provision of exact reporting structures, KPI’s, POD management, accurate invoicing etc is as important as the transportation element of the contract.

We firmly believe that with the MFS UK – Ireland – Europe infrastructure, market knowledge, focused customer service levels, our practical approach, together with a competitive pricing structure places us in the premier league of Distribution.